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Thank you for visiting our website. We are Millennium Travel and Promotions. And, we know all about the 'vacation dream' our clients want and we take the time to uncover our clients' needs and find solutions with proven incentive programs. Our promotional travel packages and vouchers for all inclusive vacations and cruises are the most cost effective and competitive in the market. We have unmatched customer service. Our staff is eager to guide travelers through the vacation process every step of the way.

Millennium Travel and Promotions is a full-service incentive agency - from concept, through operations, including client education and communications. We design, deliver and fulfill our own products including promotional travel packages, vouchers, all inclusive vacations, cruises and more. Everybody wants to just "get away" every now and then to relax.

Travel is considered to be the most desired and effective reward for employee incentive programs as compared to cash or other merchandise incentives. Promotional travel packages carry a far higher perceived value and produce positive and dramatic results.

We know that the allure of promotional travel packages, vouchers, all inclusive vacations and cruises really work for both management and their customers. The real question is where best to spend your resources to increase sales and maximize ROI. Call us now to receive a free sample package.


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