Frequently Asked Questions

The allure of travel works for both management and their customers – we know!

The real question is where best to spend you resources to maximize employee motivation and promotions impact. Millenium Travel and Promotions business credibility and success answers the following key questions.

What is a vacaction certificate?

It’s similar to a gift certificate but for travel. You are buying the vacation in advance for someone else, usually good for one year. The vacation “cerf” can be good for hotel, air and hotel, all-inclusive or a cruise. There are terms of participation when using the incentive certificate.

Why use travel incentives?

Travel is considered to be the most desired and effective reward. During a recent email survey. The majority of all respondents said that travel incentives are the most effective, as compared to cash or other merchandise incentives.

Vacation Incentive Programs carry a far higher perceived value that using a conventional marketing program such as 25% off regular price, etc. It is amazing how many times we have seen these programs in place only to witness average or even poor sales results.

Offering the high-perceived value of a vacation instead of a discount is more effective and produces positive and dramatic results. Effective incentive programs can produce multi-million dollar returns

Do the Travel Incentive products really offer you a solution?

Travel is a fabulously flexible product and customization of programs that will deliver against your business objectives, is easy. Travel Incentive companies that really want to deliver results and deserve a long-term relationship with you, will offer solutions that meet your needs!

Does Millenium Travel and Promotions have a record of success?

Millenium has fullfilled more that 1 million travelers requests. Millenium’s growth continues to explode based on sound business practices, outstanding customer service and remaining innovative when it comes to designing new and exciting incentives. Companies using Millenium’s certs have also become more successful being associated with an industry leader!

How do your incentive programs work?

Your company will give out the brochure type incentives, which have the certificates inside of them. The customer then fills the registration card out and mails it in to Millenium Travel within the space of time specified in that cert. A reservations package is then mailed out to the customer with instructions on how to take the vacation. Millenium does the rest.

Is there a catch in your incentives?

No there is no cathch. There are no timeshare presentations or tours to take. We are a trusted licensed and bonded travel agency. We purchase these vacations, airfare, car rentals, hotel and resort rooms in bulk at wholesale prices in order to fullfill the vacations. Some programs require minimal refundable room guarantee deposits, some require small processing fees. This refundable guarantee deposit is to ensure that the travelers will show up. Terms of participation are stated in each incentive brochure certificate.

Are Millenium’s promotions easy to use?

Time is money. Timing is critical to achieving your perfomance improvement objectives. Once you are committed, the efficiency with which you execute is really dependent on the travel incentive company you choose. Millenium Travel and Promotions is committed to helping you implement your program with ease and speed. At Millenium Travel and Promotions, all our promotions are either pre-packaged or can be customized to enhance your brand equity. Our Marketing department conducts on-going promotions research to evaluate, to improve, to innovate.

How long does it take to receive our order?

It all depends on when you placed the order. Once an order is placed it takes about 24-48 hours to be processed and shipped. All orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday

Do the recepients have to take their vacation right away?

No, they do not. In most cases our programs provide up to a year or more to take the vacation. Other arrangements can be made under extenuating circumstances.

Once I purchase your vacation packages, can I sell them retail?

No. These vacation packages are strictly for incentive purposes only. And any and all other uses are strictly prohibited and will void out the certificate.

Do they demosntrate that they understand the clients business needs?

Look for the business solution provider who asks “you” questions before pitching their ideas. Could they really be your on-going consultants? Do they help you define your motivation and performance improvements needs? Do they approach your needs beyond merely offering to sell you their product?

What kind of companies can benefit from your travel incentive programs?

All businesses can benefit in one way or another from our incentive programs. Our programs have been used by automotive dealerships, retailers, wholesalers, banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, construction companies, real estate companies, radio stations, cellular phone distributors, web site owners, just to name a few. Click here to view our client list.

How can travel incentives help my business

Many, many more!

Is your supplier a full-service agency?

You need to know that when you invest your hard-earned dollars and attach your good business name to the promotion, that your customers will have a totally satisfactory experience. Loyal customers are precious and a powerfull word-of-mouth source – what they say affects your future business.

Millenium Travel and Promotions is a full service incentive agency – from concept, through operations, including client education and communictions. We design, deliver and fullfill our own products. We do NOT 3rd party the travel experince. We know all about the “vacation dream” that your customer wants. Millenium is a member in Good Standing with CLOA, ARDA, CRDA, IATAN and ASTA.

Would you use Millenium again?

At Millenium Travel and Promotions we know the value of relationships – they are the engine of success. Our focus is on building your business, NOT short-term shots at random objectives. We take the time to uncover your needs and find solutions. We offer a bundle of solutions and stand-alone programs to target different points in your business, to address your different improvement objectives. Like you, we know what it costs to gain a new customer and how loyalty impacts the bottom line! Take a look at our end-user testimonials.

Why should we buy from you?

* Since we are a full service travel agency, we fullfill ALL of our incentive packages. No need to worry about a fullfillment company.
* Our programs are the most cost effective and competitive in the market.
* We are #1 in Customer Service Fullfillment in our industry.

Is Customer Service easily accessible?

Millenium Travel and Promotions is one the only vacation incentive companies actually printing their customer service phone number, 386-763-5778, right on each vacation certificate. It sounds absurd, but most don’t. Millenium’s customer service staff is trained to answer the traveler’s questions accurately and courteosly. With most of its competitors, it’s almost impossible to get through to someone who can really help you without delay. Millenium is eager to guide it’s travelers through the vacation process and spends uninterrupted time assisting each caller one at a time Monday through Friday, 10am – 5pm, except major holidays.

Unmatched Customer Service

Using all major airlines and the best-known name hotels and cruise lines, our new customer service complex gives personal care to every one of your travelers. Your customer is our customer so our phone number is printed on every certificate. Our explosive growth is based upon both value and service. The friendly people that work here will answer your customoers travel plan questions and assure their accurate reservation plans. Millenium Travel and Promotions, Inc. is a full service, bonded and insured Florida travel agency.

Call us today toll free: 888-440-5778 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST